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Prime Capital Investment Advisors

North Texas

What are your financial goals and ambitions for yourself, your family or your business? Dreams alone aren’t enough; you need a concrete plan to get you there. Together, we will work to help transform your financial aspirations into attainable achievements. Prime Capital’s team of financial advisors applies its unique approach to financial planning and investment management toward the goal of turning our clients’ dreams into reality. At the root of every relationship is our passion to help people achieve their life’s ambitions.

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Prime Capital Investment Advisors | North Texas

777 International Parkway, Suite 180
Flower Mound, TX 75022
(214) 765-5092

Your Life, Your Goals, Your Future

Whether you are a single professional who wants to travel the world, an executive working hard to grow your assets, a couple raising a family and saving for college, or a business owner or entrepreneur busy building a company legacy, Prime Capital Investment Advisors can help. What is your dream? Let’s put it down on paper and get to work. Do you want to travel? Purchase a vacation home? Retire? Our financial advisors work as a team to devise a custom plan for you based on your unique situation and objectives.

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Collaboration Is Our Strength

In addition to our diverse team here in North Texas, a unique part of working with Prime Capital Investment Advisors is that you have automatic access to an even larger pool of resources—including specialists, top tier advisors and other professionals in various disciplines throughout the United States. As one of the largest fee-based, collaborative advisory firms in America, we are proud of the brain trust that we’ve assembled for our clients, all delivered with personalized, down-home service to our Texas community of neighbors, families and friends.

Your Texas Team

Offices in Flower Mound, Texas

To better serve our clients who live in North Texas and the greater DFW area, we designed our offices in Flower Mound with you in mind. We invite you to gather, learn, meet and share ideas with us in a spirit of collaboration and partnership whether you join us for happy hour, attend one of our many events or meet with us individually to analyze and review your plan. No matter if you join us at our office, meet with us virtually at your convenience or we meet elsewhere, our mission is to serve you with excellence while helping you achieve your financial dreams and aspirations.

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Giving Back to the Community

The financial advisors at Prime Capital Investment Advisors | North Texas are heavily involved with our local community. Each one of us believes in giving energy, time and financial support to the organizations and charities that we believe are important to assist—the ones we feel uplift our community and make our world a better place. We hope you will join us in our efforts to give back to our community, and we look forward to learning about your favorite groups and activities.

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777 International Parkway, Suite 180
Flower Mound, TX 75022
(214) 765-5092