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Courtney Klipfel

Senior Client Service Specialist


Courtney Klipfel brings a wealth of experience to her role, drawing on a diverse background in communications, marketing, and business relationship management. Previously, she served as the Director of Communications and Marketing at Malleck Wealth Management (affiliated with Raymond James) and held the position of U.S. Business Relationship Manager/CRM Governance Manager at DSV.

In her capacity as the U.S. Business Relationship Manager/CRM Governance Manager at DSV, Courtney played a pivotal role in overseeing sales governance and delivering training for sales and executive management across all 41 branches in the U.S. Her skills were recognized on a global scale when she was chosen to represent the U.S. in the Global CRM Forum/Change Board, an honor only ten countries out of the 80 operated by DSV.

Venturing overseas in 2016, Courtney immersed herself in the study of the German language and earned her master’s degree in global sales and marketing. Her recent focus has been on the global logistics industry, and more recently, she transitioned back to the finance sector.

In her current position as a senior client service specialist, Courtney plays a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of processes within the North Texas market. Her responsibilities span from account management, transaction processing, compliance, regulatory adherence, documentation oversight, technology and systems management, client communication facilitation, efficient problem resolution, provision of concierge services, collaboration with other teams, to continuous process improvement. Her dedication directly contributes to the overall success of the firm, fostering a positive and reliable experience for clients.

Courtney’s passion for the financial industry stems from her ability to cultivate strong client relationships, address unique daily challenges, and create creative solutions. Her international experiences have equipped her to work with and understand a diverse group of people, adding a unique perspective to her work.

Having earned her Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences with a minor in Business Administration from Texas State University, Courtney furthered her education with studies in the German Language at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. Her academic journey culminated in a Master’s in Global Sales & Marketing at Fachhochschule Oberösterreich (FH OÖ) in Steyr, Austria.

Residing in the Flower Mound area with her husband Colt and their two young children, Canyon and Copper Jo, Courtney is committed to setting firm roots for her family. The couple shares a love for sports, particularly soccer, evident in Colt’s past as a retired soccer player and his current role as a high school head coach. Their time spent overseas in Austria has deepened their passion for travel and cultural experiences, which they aspire to instill not only in themselves but also in their children.

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