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Estate Planning Checklist

Will O’Rourke, Esq., wealth and estate planning advisor at Prime Capital Investment Advisors, suggests that most people get an attorney. He says, “Those that do not need an estate planning attorney are those people with estate values under $50,000, in my opinion. Those estates can pass through quickly in an expedited version of probate court.” Want to read the full…
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How To Keep The Clients’ Kids In The Firm’s Family

That means, you need to get to know them well—before the clients pass away and their money transfers to the next generation, according to financial advisors and firm executives who handle this issue on a frequent basis. Will O’Rourke, wealth and estate planner at Prime Capital Investment Advisors, headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., with $22 billion in AUM, added, “As…
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Deepest Sympathies. You’re Now the Executor of a Will.

Settling an estate is more work than you think. Expect plenty of paperwork. Executors have a fiduciary duty to carry out the terms in the will, including notifying heirs, paying any liabilities and distributing assets. Jason Stelmaszyk, senior client advisor at investment management firm GenTrust, is in the process of updating an estate plan for an elderly aunt and knows…
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Will O’Rourke Featured in Business Insider

First and foremost, for our friends who watch the popular HBO series ‘Succession,’ this article contains spoilers, so we’d strongly recommend finishing the show before returning to learn how the equivalent of a major plot point could affect the financial landscape.  Now, for those of us who are caught up on this brilliant show, let’s go over how its twist…
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