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Tax Planning

How ‘Succession’ Becomes Reality

HBO’s Emmy-winning series dropped a major plot bomb in its final season. Here’s how the twist could be more realistic than you might think. First and foremost, for our friends who watch the popular HBO series ‘Succession,’ this article contains spoilers, so we’d strongly recommend finishing the show before returning to learn how the equivalent of a major plot point...
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What is Direct Indexing?

Direct indexing is a common investing strategy that allows investors to build a custom portfolio. Direct indexing is a strategy used by investors to build a customized portfolio of individual stocks. This investment approach has gained popularity in recent years due to advancements in technology that have made it easier and more cost-effective to implement. In this article, we will...
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7 Strategies to Reduce Taxes

No matter which phase of life you’re in, you might be looking for ways to trim your tax bill. Here are some strategies to consider! Each year around tax time, most of us wonder how we can pay less in income taxes, and the answer to that question is always, “It depends.” Each person’s situation is completely unique to them,...
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