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7 Thoughts About Present Market Conditions: An Interview with Jeremy Siegel

I had the chance to speak with Jeremy Siegel, a world-renowned economist and expert of financial markets. Here are 7 thoughts he gave about present market conditions for investing: While attending a series of meetings with representatives from Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and other top investment banks across the country, I spoke with Jeremy Siegel about his thoughts on present market...
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Investing Alternatives During Periods of Market Volatility

During periods of market volatility, investors may look to alternative vehicles. Here are some options to consider. 2022 was a difficult year for investors, with all three major market indexes dipping simultaneously and taking their biggest hit since the housing crisis of 2008[1,2,3]. Now, even with all three up through the first five months of 2023, volatility and uncertainty are...
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What To Do with Inherited Money

Whether planned or unplanned, many are unsure of how to proceed after inheriting money. Here are a few steps you can take to make the most of it. So, you’ve inherited money. Depending on the circumstances, it may have been expected or unexpected, and it may or may not have come with a great deal of heartache. Nevertheless, too few...
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How Private Equity Works

When investment options that are most accessible to the investing public seem volatile or uncertain, investors may look to other options that are independent and uncorrelated to the stock and bond markets. Private equity provides an opportunity to gain exposure to alternative investments that are not available on public financial markets. Because the performance of an alternative investment in something...
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What is ESG Investing?

Investment choices made based on environmental, social and governance factors are becoming exponentially popular. The growing interest from retail investors and institutions is becoming too big to ignore. So, what is it, and how will it affect the future investing landscape? ESG investing gives investors the ability to promote change in publicly-traded companies, either directly or through sustainable exchange-traded funds...
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