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Sarah Harris, AIF®

Financial Advisor

Sarah Harris primarily works with business owners, executives and individual private clients. These are just some of the services she offers in collaboration with the team at Prime Capital Investment Advisors:

  • Tax- favored investing and reduction strategies
  • Wealth accumulation, management & preservation
  • Holistic financial planning
  • Portfolio design
  • Risk management
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Insurance needs
  • Retirement Income planning
Business and business owners:
  • Qualified retirement plan design, implementation and services
  • Fiduciary protection
  • Executive compensation

Contact Information:

Prime Capital Investment Advisors | North Texas

777 International Parkway, Suite 180
Flower Mound, TX 75022
(214) 765-5092

Sarah Harris’ passion is providing financial advice to business owners and individuals who believe in taking control of their financial futures. “Helping people achieve the feeling of stability and freedom that comes with financial success is incredibly important to me. I grew up the oldest of three raised by a single mom. My mother had to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet, and even with food stamps and child support, finances were a real struggle for us. That’s why I am so passionate about helping my clients save and invest. My goal for each client is the financial freedom to afford their life—to pay all their bills, do all the things they want to do and retire with ease when they are ready.”

Sarah has a degree in economics and her Series 66 registration as well as her life and health insurance license. Recently, she received her first designation as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®).

While she rigorously pursues education and credentials in order to stay up to date, she is confident in the unique, team-based approach at Prime Capital Investment Advisors. “I really like the fact that I don’t have to wear all the hats. We have an outstanding team devoted to protecting and growing wealth; we have expertise in nearly everything a client could need or want in terms of financial help, including investment managers with the latest analytics and market data at their fingertips,” she says.

The unbiased, independent team at Prime Capital understands the dynamic relationship between investments, taxes and risk, and unlike common advisory practices, they utilize tools outside of traditional portfolio strategies and designs. Sarah concentrates on producing outcomes that align with her clients’ objectives. “I manage relationships, staying in communication with my clients about what we are doing for them and getting feedback about any changes happening in their lives and businesses that might impact their plans.”

Sarah spends about half of her time helping business owners with qualified retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, and the other half helping individuals grow their personal wealth. She’s quick to point out that it’s a hybrid situation; helping business owners with company retirement plans nearly always includes holistic planning for their own personal finances. But Sarah also helps the employee participants in the qualified plans.

“Prime Capital Investment Advisors is very different in that we reach out to the people who are often left behind—the individuals who might have money in a 401(k) plan but otherwise might not be able to afford a financial advisor. I love the fact that we develop customized financial plans for the employees, too. We don’t cut corners, and these plans include diverse, unique and holistic solutions that take their personal situations into account,” she says.

Sarah was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas, a small town on the outskirts of Houston. She was on drill team and was a lifeguard at Splashtown during high school. Afterwards she attended Southern Methodist University, intending to double major in marketing and anthropology. A lecture by Dr. Robert Frost on the book, “Atlas Shrugged,” had a profound effect on her: She changed her major and switched universities, ultimately earning her Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Texas at Dallas. She joined Prime Capital Investment Advisors as an intern during her spring semester of her senior year.

Currently, Sarah lives in Dallas with her husband, Jason, and their blue-eyed Siberian husky, Lucy, named after the Beatle’s song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” She is an active member of the Junior League of Dallas and enjoys being involved in the arts community.

When she has time off, Sarah enjoys Pilates, yoga and spin classes. She also likes to cook. Gluten-free for medical reasons, she doesn’t want to give up flavor for herself or Jason, so she follows the Dallas blogger, The Defined Dish, who often adapts recipes from restaurants. She is a big fan of soup, which she often makes, even when it’s hot outside.

Sarah also likes gardening, preferring annual flowers and plants which her husband then nurtures through winters into overgrown, shaggy shapes, to her chagrin. It’s all in good fun though, because when they celebrated their fourth anniversary—traditionally “fruit and flowers”—they purchased a lemon tree together. Per nursery instructions, they planted it in a pot to be brought indoors each winter for three years before planting in the ground, not expecting blooms or fruit for the first five years. A year later Jason said, “We have limes!” Of course, he had spotted as-yet-unripe Meyer lemons, but they were both excited to be way ahead of horticultural schedule.

Travel is another passion for the couple; they got engaged at the Eiffel Tower. A lot of the traveling they do now is with Jason’s family, often to state capitols and national parks that are on their bucket list, like Yellowstone. “When you marry someone, you don’t know what you are really getting into. I am very blessed because they all treat me like I am the third child,” Sarah says. If she mentions a destination in passing, her mother-in-law has been known to call or email the next day with tickets and an itinerary. Jason recently went to Antarctica, getting back right before the pandemic lockdown.

Sarah met Jason at Hotel ZaZa in Houston where they both worked. She laughs, “I did not like him at all at first.” Eventually they ended up at a mutual friend’s wedding and became best friends before they started a relationship. “At our engagement party we found out that 30 of the people there had met through work!” They got married at the Perot Museum.

Advisory services offered by Investment Adviser Representatives through Prime Capital Investment Advisors, LLC (“PCIA”), a federally registered investment adviser. PCIA: 6201 College Blvd., Suite #150, Overland Park, KS 66211. PCIA doing business as Prime Capital Wealth Management (“PCWM”) and Qualified Plan Advisors (“QPA”).

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