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Meet the Team

We are a diverse team of financial advisors and each of us offers a specialized focus and unique perspective to our clients in North Texas and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Through our access to the vast resources of Prime Capital Investment Advisors, we are able to scale our services up or down, allowing us to work with nearly any client at any stage of life to help them achieve their life’s ambitions. All of us at Prime Capital are deeply committed to our North Texas community and providing you with the best possible service in a collaborative team atmosphere of excellence.

Bentley Ford, AIF®

Managing Director, Dallas Market

Sarah Harris, AIF®

Financial Advisor

Brandon McCormick, AIF®, CRPS®

Financial Advisor, North Texas Market

Marco Melero, C(k)P®, AIF®

Multicultural Education Strategist

Will F. O'Rourke, Esq.

Estate Planning & Wealth Management, North Texas Market

Your Life, Your Goals, Your Future

Whether you are a single professional who wants to travel the world, or an executive working hard to growing your assets, a couple raising a family and saving for college, or a business owner or entrepreneur busy building a company legacy, Prime Capital Investment Advisors in North Texas can help. What is your dream? Let’s put it down on paper and get to work. Do you want to travel? Purchase a vacation home? Retire? Our financial advisors work in tandem as a team with multiple professionals to devise a custom plan for you based on your unique situation and objectives.

Let’s Get Started!

Prime Capital’s team of financial advisors applies its unique approach to financial planning and investment management toward the goal of turning our clients’ dreams into reality.

Individuals & Families

Our financial advisors work as a team to devise a custom plan for you based on your unique situation and objectives, then we go one step further to help you develop an estate plan for tax-advantaged wealth transfer to the next generation.

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Business Solutions

Let’s discuss your business structure and the possibilities that exist within that structure to plan for the retirement that you desire for yourself and provide benefits to attract and retain excellent employees.

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What is Your Risk Number?

No one is the same when it comes to portfolio risk. Nitrogen helps replace confusing and subjective terms like “moderately conservative” and “moderately aggressive” with a number between 1 and 99 that pinpoints your exact comfort zone for downside risk and potential upside gain.

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Prime Capital Investment Advisors in North Texas welcomes the chance to discuss how we might help you, your family and/or your business. Please call us now at (214) 765-5092, or simply fill out this form and we will get back to you to set up time for an initial conversation.

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777 International Parkway, Suite 180
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