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Financial Planning

What is Sequence of Returns Risk?

We get it. Retirement can be scary. We know this because it’s our job to help our clients plan for and seamlessly transition into what should be one of the most rewarding times of their lives. What we often find, however, is that most are worried about retirement because of the risks that come with it. But what are some…
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Investing in an Election Year

Investing in an election year can seem like navigating a particularly unpredictable segment of the market. Political campaigns and the uncertainty surrounding election outcomes can lead to increased volatility in the stock market, impacting investor sentiment and behavior. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of investing during an election year, providing insights into how elections typically affect the…
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6 Financial Tips for Couples

Do you remember when you first met your partner? So many things about them might have captivated you. Maybe it was their eyes, their hair or their smile. Maybe you started talking and you fell in love with their outlook on life, their fun-loving attitude or their sense of humor. We’re willing to bet, however, it wasn’t your aligned financial…
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5 Ways to Show Your Thanks

As we make our way through November, we start to think about all the things we’re grateful for; however, whether it’s family, friends, opportunities, experiences, good fortune, laughter or love, it can be difficult to find a good way to say “thank you” or spread the spirit of giving. Sometimes, though, it’s much simpler than it might sound, and small…
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Why Long-Term Care is an Important Part of a Financial Plan

Financial planning can be a complex process, especially for those looking for a comprehensive plan that accounts for every aspect of their life. That comprehensive plan traditionally includes budgeting, investing, tax-mitigation, estate planning, and as you get closer to retirement, should even include Medicare and Social Security. One aspect that often goes overlooked, however, is planning for long-term care, or…
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