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Financial Planning

Your 2022 Year-End Financial To-Do List

The end of the year is upon us. Here are some tasks to check off before 2023 arrives! As the year wraps up, it can be a great time to take financial inventory. Your circumstances are constantly changing and evolving, and the proper financial plan is not meant to be a set-it-and-forget-it thing. With the end of the year presenting...
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Living Trust Benefits

A living trust can offer an effective strategy for passing and granting assets. Here’s what you need to know! What is a Revocable Trust? A revocable trust, often called a living trust, is essentially an agreement between a trustor and a trustee.  In this agreement, the trustee is granted the right to hold assets and property of the trust for...
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How Private Equity Works

When investment options that are most accessible to the investing public seem volatile or uncertain, investors may look to other options that are independent and uncorrelated to the stock and bond markets. Private equity provides an opportunity to gain exposure to alternative investments that are not available on public financial markets. Because the performance of an alternative investment in something...
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Using Employee Benefits to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Skilled workers are in control, and companies need to understand people’s priorities to compete

— Becky Frankiewicz
In today’s economy, employers are in an ongoing fight with one another to lure the top candidates available. Those seeking employment acknowledge the leverage that they now have and seek to capitalize on it by obtaining the highest overall compensation possible. In response, major companies are getting creative with benefit offerings to keep pace with their competitors. Individuals currently seeking...
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