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4 Ways to Unplug in a Digital World

In the digital age, it feels like everything needs to be connected to a power source, including ourselves. In fact, the first question we usually ask when we initially arrive at a hotel is, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” That seems strange given that we typically go on vacation to experience new cultures, places, food and more. Nevertheless, we’re attached, and…
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5 Tips to Get in Shape for Summer

Summer is just about here, and we all know what that means: it’s time to get in shape! But getting in shape can be easier said than done. In fact, we’re not afraid to admit we’ve set goals early in the year, only for those goals to have fallen through by time the summer months roll around. So no, it’s…
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Cold Weather Self Care Tips

No matter where you’re located, it can get pretty cold during the early part of the year. Understandably, those low temperatures and dreary-looking clouds can make us want to stay inside and forget about the outside world. That’s why it’s important to take care of yourself and avoid succumbing to the season’s effects on mood or morale. Here are a…
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6 Financial Tips for Couples

Do you remember when you first met your partner? So many things about them might have captivated you. Maybe it was their eyes, their hair or their smile. Maybe you started talking and you fell in love with their outlook on life, their fun-loving attitude or their sense of humor. We’re willing to bet, however, it wasn’t your aligned financial…
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5 Ways Journaling Can be Helpful in the New Year

Journaling is about so much more than just putting pen to paper. It has the potential to be a powerful tool that guides you through the more difficult aspects of life or helps you remember its greatest pleasures. And it isn’t just about your mental health. Journaling can have a profound impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing, as well.…
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Fun Winter Activities for the Whole Family

Sometimes, all it takes is the thought of wintertime to make us shiver. And sure, we get it. For some, winter is filled with memories of shoveling snow, scraping ice off their windshields and having one too few blankets to stay warm. Still, though, it can be a special time of the year if you know how to make the…
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