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During this time of the year, we all start thinking about what we’re grateful for. Here are five ways you can show it!

As we make our way through November, we start to think about all the things we’re grateful for; however, whether it’s family, friends, opportunities, experiences, good fortune, laughter or love, it can be difficult to find a good way to say “thank you” or spread the spirit of giving. Sometimes, though, it’s much simpler than it might sound, and small gestures just to show someone that you appreciate what you’ve been so lucky to come across, encounter or be presented with can be a great way to display your gratitude. Here are five ways to give thanks and relay that special feeling, both of giving and receiving love.

1. Write a “Thank You” Note

It’s simple, sure, but writing a “thank you” note is classic, and it works every time, especially if you hand-write the note with your true thoughts and feelings. You also don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway to write a succinct and powerful note. You simply have to convey your genuine gratitude, and sometimes, a person who helps you in a meaningful way or gives you a thoughtful gift is familiar enough with the way you communicate to know your honest feelings. A small but effective gesture, you can never go wrong with a “thank you” note.

2. Return the Favor

Sometimes it’s best to show, not tell, the person you’re grateful for just how much they mean to you. This can be especially true for someone who is thoughtful and always has others on their minds. Remembering wants, needs, and actions, then acting on those later can show someone that they’re both important and valuable to you. Additionally, actions speak louder than words, and lending a helping hand or a small portion of your time to a friend or family member in need can go farther than written notes or dollar bills. Time is our most precious asset, and sacrificing some of yours can be a powerful show of thanks.

3. Pass it Along

If you don’t return the favor, you can still use your power, time or money for good by passing your good fortune along to the next person. Think about it this way: in your time of need, how would you want someone to treat you? If you’d like to be given patience, grace and the benefit of the doubt, it’s likely that someone else might feel the same. Helping out when you can and sending positive messages through your actions can be the best way to spread your influence through your social circle and beyond.

4. Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community to show your appreciation is somewhat similar to passing along a kind gesture, but it can have a greater impact. For example, if you feel that you’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the greatest pleasures in life, you can give back through donating to or volunteering with local organizations. This is also a very cyclical approach to lending your time and energy to something greater than yourself. Strong individuals build strong communities which, in turn, build strong individuals. It’s yet another way to say “thank you” that allows you to contribute to your neighborhood and spread positivity with your values.

5. Hand-Make a Gift

So many of the best gifts are hand-made, and making someone a gift from scratch can be a way to express your creativity, your personality and your gratitude. This labor of love is also the perfect way to show someone how important they are or how much their help means to you by committing to a project that takes your best effort. And just like the “thank you” note, you don’t have to be an artist to craft an amazing gift. You only need a vision and to know what you’re trying to say, and you might just end up giving someone a gift they’ll cherish forever.

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